Kamaldeep Bhui, M.D.

Former president

Qualifications FRCPsych; MD in Psychiatry - Institute of Psychiatry; Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapy (UMDS) (Distinction); Anthropology, Sex & Marital Therapy (Distinction); MSc Epidemiology (LSHTM) Post (May 2003-present) Since 2003: Professor of Cultural Psychiatry & Epidemiology & Hon. Consultant Psychiatrist, Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry; 2000 – 2003: Senior Lecturer St Bartholomews & Royal London School of Medicine & 1999 – 2000: Consultant Psychiatrist Oxleas NHS Trust, Institute of Psychiatry; 1995 – 1999: Wellcome Training Fellow & Senior Registrar, Maudsley Hospital. Publications Rüdell K, Bhui K, Priebe S. Concept, development and application of a new mixed method assessment of cultural variations in illness perceptions: Barts Explanatory Model Inventory. J Health Psychol. 2009;14:336-47. Bhui K, Rüdell K, Priebe S. Assessing explanatory models for common mental disorders. J Clin Psychiatry. 2006;67:964-71. Bhui K, Bhugra D, Goldberg D, Dunn G, Desai M. Cultural influences on the prevalence of common mental disorder, general practitioners' assessments and help-seeking among Punjabi and English people visiting their general practitioner. Psychol Med. 2001;31:815-25. Bhui KS, McKenzie K. Rates and risk factors by ethnic group for suicides within a year of contact with mental health services in England and Wales. Psychiatr Serv. 2008;59:414-20. Klineberg E, Clark C, Bhui KS, Haines MM, Viner RM, Head J, Woodley-Jones D, Stansfeld SA. Social support, ethnicity and mental health in adolescents. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2006;41:755-60. McKenzie K, Bhui K, Nanchahal K, Blizard B. Suicide rates in people of South Asian origin in England and Wales: 1993-2003. Br J Psychiatry. 2008;193:406-9. Rüdell K, Bhui K, Priebe S. Do 'alternative' help-seeking strategies affect primary care service use? A survey of help-seeking for mental distress. BMC Public Health. 2008;8:207. Bhui K, McKenzie K, Rasul F. Rates, risk factors & methods of self harm among minority ethnic groups in the UK: a systematic review. BMC Public Health. 2007;7:336. Bhui K, Warfa N, Edonya P, McKenzie K, Bhugra D. Cultural competence in mental health care: a review of model evaluations. BMC Health Serv Res. 2007;7:15. Grants Co PI on NIMHE suicide and pathways to care projects: (2005-7); in partnership with Royal Free/UCL med school £340 000 MRC PhD studentship Deliberate Self Harm and Ethnicity. (2005-8) £64 000 Co PI with Prof. Weich. NIMHE National Evaluation of focused Implementation sites as part of BME programme. 2006-9 £164 000 PI Ethnicity and Chronic Fatigue. MRC 2006-9. £160, 000 Co applicant with Prof. Hitman (PI): Pilot trial of oral hypoglycaemics among Predisposed Bangladeshi people with metabolic syndrome MRC 2006-9 £330 000 PI: Mental Health Outcome Development: A compendium of instruments, their validity and cultural properties. Department of Health 2007-2009 £80 000

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Culture impacts mental illness so that culturally relevant care is needed for patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. From a social point of view, there has been rapid social and cultural change, as well as migration within and between nations. Societies are becoming multi-ethnic and poly-cultural in nature worldwide. From a clinical perspective, there is a need to improve cultural competence to provide proper psychiatric care of each patient, considering the ethnic/race/cultural background, irregardless of minority or majority status.

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