Nikolay A. Bokhan, M.D.

Board of Directors

Dr. Bokhan is M.D. (addiction psychiatry, 1996), Professor of Higher Attestation Commission on specialty 14.01.27 – “Addiction Psychiatry” (1999), Honored Scientist of Russian Federation (2004). Deputy Director for Science of Mental Health Research, Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Science (SB RAMSci) (1997), Head of Addictive States Department (1989). Chief Visiting Psychiatrist of Tomsk City (1997), Professor of Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling Department of Psychology Faculty of Tomsk State University (1999), Professor of Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department of Medical Faculty of Siberian State Medical University (2004). He has higher medical category on psychiatry (1998), certified on specialties psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy. Basic directions of scientific activity concern regional (ethnocultural, penitentiary, preventive) problems of addiction psychiatry with focus on study of clinical heterogeneity of addictive states (contribution of co-morbid, gender factors). Under topic of cultural psychiatry he has written and created as a co-author the following monographs: “Transcultural Addictology”, “Transcultural Addictology and Psychotherapy”, and “Mental Health of Aboriginal Population of East of Russia.” Regarding other public, state activity, he is: Member of Presidium of Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP, 2005); Member of Transcultural Psychiatry Section of Presidium of RSP (2010); Member of Presidium of the National Addiction Psychiatry Society (NAPS, 2007); Chairman of Expert Commission on Ethnoaddictology of Presidium of NAPS (2007); and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Siberian Gerald ?? Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry” (Tomsk) etc He is Vice-President of the International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists (affiliated member of World Psychiatric Association, 1999), member of World Psychiatric Association (WPA, 1999), European Psychiatric Association (EPA, 2006), and World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP, 2006).

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Culture impacts mental illness so that culturally relevant care is needed for patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. From a social point of view, there has been rapid social and cultural change, as well as migration within and between nations. Societies are becoming multi-ethnic and poly-cultural in nature worldwide. From a clinical perspective, there is a need to improve cultural competence to provide proper psychiatric care of each patient, considering the ethnic/race/cultural background, irregardless of minority or majority status.

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