[Note] This attachment-II is proposed and approved by the members of the board of directors when the meeting was held in Norcia, Italy on 09-27-2009 during the second world congress. In addition to the original text in the Bylaws, the sections in italic are the added text for this Attachment-II.

This Attachment was prepared to serve as additional explanations or clarifications of the Bylaws.

I. Officers

B. The term for the President will be three years. After the termination of the Congress, the President-Elect will take over as the new President.

No matter in which month the world congress is held on the third year, the term of the President will be terminated at the end of the world congress when the business meeting of association is held at the last day of the world congress and his/her function will be transferred to the President-Elect.

D. The President-Elect and the Secretary for the new term will be elected from the members of the Board of Directors by the newly assembled members of the Board of Directors at their business meeting that will take place just prior to the Congress.

However, with the approval from the members of the Board of Directors, the President may choose to appoint the Secretary with whom the President can work closely for effective assistance to the President.  The  term  of  Secretary  will  end  when  the  term  of President ended. The Secretary is not necessary become the future President-elect even though he/she can be potentially considered as one of the candidate(s) subject to nomination and voting by the members of the Board of Directors.

XII. Budget

The budget of association will be managed by the Treasurer under close supervision of the President. The source of income will be mainly the due paid by the members; although the association may seek donation from proper resources with approval from the board of directors.

The expenses of the budget will be managed by the President with assistance from Treasurer. In general, it is suggested that, for the all collected member due (during the three years period of term served by the President) about 50% can be used to support the WCPRR project, 10% to support WACP Newsletter project, while 20% to support the office’s expenses including the initial expenses for the world congress (such as the establishment of congress website), and the remaining 20% to contribute to the basic fund of the association. This merely serve as guideline subject to adjustment pending the approval from the board of directors.

The budget for the world congress will be managed separately from that of the association. This is particularly true if particular organization will be asked to serve as the sponsoring organization for the congress. The sponsoring organization will be asked to take the entire responsibility to manage the budget of congress. If there is a positive balance, based on pre- made agreement, half of the balance will be return to the association to contribute to the basic fund of the association.

It is Treasurer’s responsibility to make annual report to the board of directors for their review and approval, and to present the overall report on the WACP Newsletter at least at the end of the three-year term.

XIII. World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review (WCPRR)

The oneline publication of WCPRR is one of the major functions of association. The chief-editor of the WCPRR will be appointed by the President and can be reappointed to maintain the long-term function of the WCPRR. The main office of the WCPRR will be determined by the chief- editor and can be the same location with the same staff to assure the continuity of the service.