All psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social and behavioural scientists, and mental health-related workers who are interested in cultural psychiatry and/or culture and mental health, are invited to become members of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP).

WACP members will have opportunities to communicate with colleagues around the world to exchange information and share knowledge and experiences relating to cultural psychiatry, through the WACP Newsletter, which is circulated through the WACP website to the members.

As member of WACP you will be entitled to join and participate in the Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Science, Faith & Mental Health, Art, Media & Mental Health, Culture & Psychiatric Diagnosis and Intercultural Psychotherapy.

The Association is also publishing on-line the World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review (WCPRR), which is comprised of original and review articles by colleagues around the world. It is the intention of the Review to include articles from colleagues working in locations with limited capacity to publish their work in international journals. At present, WCPR Review will be accessible to every colleague but in the future, it will be available primarily to the WACP members through the WACP website.

We are, also, in the process of negotiating a discount for the International Journal of Culture and Mental Health which the association endorses.

Full payment of membership will bring members the additional advantage of having a reduction to their registration fees for the Regional Congress (RCCP) and the World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry (WCCP), which will take place every three years in different regions of the world. The First World Congress held in 2006 (Beijing, People’s Republic of China), the Second World Congress held in 2009 (Norcia, Italy), the third World Congress held in 2012 (London, United Kingdom), the fourth World Congress is scheduled to take place in 2015 (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

A paid up members of the association will also have the right to participate in the voting to elect members of the board of directors, who will serve three years terms.