2015 Amendments to By-Laws


WACP Business meeting

Sheraton Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, 1 November 2015


Chaired by:  Kam Bhui

The By-Laws were originally written in 2006 and revised in 2009 to help a small group of people to build a strong association.

The amendments were summarized as follows:

  • We will stick to 31 October as date for handover between presidents
  • The membership to the Board can carry on for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms, then after a break of one term a member can seek re-election.
  • The President appoints Secretary and Treasurer
  • The Immediate past president stays in the Board in an advisory role
  • Past Presidents will form a Committee that will continue to support and scrutiny the activities of WACP
  • Board: there are now 8 world regions with 4 representatives each, plus volunteers to be coopted in under represented areas
  • Budget: managed by the Treasurer, supervised by the President, with oversight of Board, and an annual treasurer report is to be received
  • WCCP costs to be met entirely by the local organiser, any surplus will be equally split between WACP and the local organizer
  • WCCP budget is independent from the WACP funds
  • Officers will not be paid to attend congress
  • WCPRR and WACP website expenses will be covered by WACP