World Association of Cultural Psychiatry

Founding Principles and Statement of Purpose

The last decades have seen increasing recognition of the influence of culture on life and mental health. Culture impacts all aspects of mental illness, reflecting the need to provide culturally relevant care for all patients, especially those who face barriers to quality treatment. In addition, rapid social and cultural change, including migration within and between nations, has meant that societies worldwide are becoming more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. There is growing awareness of the need to improve the cultural competence of mental health services to provide valid psychiatric care to every patient, regardless of cultural background. Related to this awareness, there is a desire to study and disseminate information on the influence of culture on psychological well-being, emotional stress and mental illness, and mental health care around the world. This desire led an international group of scholars in cultural psychiatry to organize the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry.

World Association of Cultural Psychiatry

Position Statement on the migrant crisis around the world

As part of the work of the Board of Directors during this 4° Congress, we drafted a declaration regarding the crisis that migration currently represents around the world, which was the product of hard work and constructive discussions. The goal of this declaration is to take a position on this issue and communicate it to all members of WACP and participants in the Congress in order to disseminate our position to policy makers and the public at large around the world.

Painting by Jaswant Guzder

Jaswant Guzder