New Board of Directors

Recently, a new Board of Directors of the WACP was chosen. We will therefore soon change the website.

As preliminary news, here are already the names:


Mario Braakman, The Netherlands, President.

Byamah Mutamba, Uganda, Secretary.

Pablo Farias, Mexico, Treasurer.

Muhammad Irfan, Pakistan, President-Elect.

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, USA,  Past President.

Rest of the Board of Directors:

Itsuo Asai, Japan. He will organise the next WACP-conference in 2025 in Tokyo.

Xudong Zhao, China.

Carlos Zubaran, Australia.

Vincenzo Di Nicola, Canada.

Kenneth Fung, Canada.

Lisa Andermann, Canada.

Alberto Velasco, France.

Riyadh Al-Baldawi, Sweden/ Iraq.

Meryam Schouler-Ocak, Germany.

Irina Kupyanova, Russia. She will be appointed as Advisor to the Board.