Our 2020 International Conference, Mental Health Care in Cultural Context is coming!

It will take place in Shanghai, China from the 29th to the 31st of May, 2020, with preconference workshops on the 28th of May.

The conference will be co-organized by WACP, the German-Chinese Academy of Psychotherapy (GCAP), and Tongji University School of Medicine. The Pudong Mental Health Centre affiliated to Tongji University, under the leadership of Prof. Xudong Zhao, is specifically responsible for organizing the conference.

WACP-sponsored plenary speakers include: Arthur Kleinman, Goffredo Bartocci, Kamaldeep Bhui, Roberto Lewis-Fernández, Sergio Villasenor Bayardo, and Xudong Zhao. Daniel Chen, a fellow Shanghainese, and Jie Li, will be sponsored to present symposia on behalf of WACP.

From the GCAP and Chinese side, the plenary speakers include: Bruce Wampold, Ulrich Schnyder, Wolfgang Merkle, Martin Bohus, Sabine Herpertz, Andreas Heinz and Kenneth Gergen (pending). Also, some of the most famous Chinese psychiatrists and psychotherapists will be presenting.

All plenary lectures will have simultaneous English-Chinese (Mandarin) translation. The symposia and workshops will have consecutive translation into these languages. PowerPoint slides will be translated into both languages before the conference.

The venue is the Everbright Convention Center, where in total 1500 participants can be housed.

  • Costs of hotel rooms will be $85 US dollars per night for a double room.
  • The conference will cost between $400-700 US dollars.
  • For members of the WACP, the costs will be $300 US dollars, plus $15 US dollars for money transfer (if paid by Paypal or credit card). Important for members is that at registration you use the discount code ICPCP2020 . Nonmembers who use this code, will not be admitted.
  • CME accreditation issued by the Chinese National Health Commission will be provided.

The website of the conference, where you can find more information, and where you can register and reserve a hotel room, is: https://www.psychotherapyandculturecongress.com/

In order to obtain a letter of invitation from the organisation, or if you have other questions on the conference, you should send an email to the secretary of the conference, Jane Zhou, yield_jane@163.com

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, President WACP
Mario Braakman, President-Elect WACP
Pablo Farías, Secretary WACP
Hans Rohlof, Treasurer WACP

Shanghai Everbright Convention Exhibition Center

Shanghai Everbright Convention Exhibition Center