Travel Award Contest for World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP) members from low and middle-income countries who plan to attend the 2022 Rotterdam World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry


The WACP Board of Directors and the Netherlands Department of Transcultural Psychiatry are sponsoring WACP members from low and middle-income countries who plan to give an oral presentation at the Rotterdam 2022 World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry.

To select awardees, we are organizing a Travel Award Contest

Abstracts may be submitted individually to the contest but preference will be given to multi-presenter symposia. The abstracts must be structured according to Congress guidelines and include the following sections: introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and learning objectives.

WACP and the Transcultural Psychiatry Department will allocate a total of €20,000 to this contest. Funds may be used to meet the travel costs, hotel and admission fee.

The deadline for sending the abstracts will be the 28th of February, 2022. To be clear: the abstracts should also be uploaded before the 15th of February to the conference site,

To enter the contest, please send your abstract to Dr. Hans Rohlof, psychiatrist, Officer and Treasurer of the WACP and the Transcultural Psychiatry Department, e-mail: